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Die erste urkundliche Erwähnung

The first documented mention of our property at the Feldwebel took place in the year 1501 at the environmental register of Kufstein, in which the former owner, Hans Krapf, was granted a licensing law to the "obern tafern". The still existing stone archway stems from the late Gothic era around 1361 and constitutes a valuable relict from the earlier Gothic parish church of Söll. Thus, a house existed considerably earlier than dates stated before.

Additionally, the date at the main ridge remembers of a necessary reconstruction in 1583 of the earlier existing guest house "beim Obern". After the first documented mention several documents report on a repeated owner-rotation of our contemporary property. Thus, in 1522 the innkeeper of the "unteren tafern", today's "Postwirt", acquired the guest house with 2 gardens. Not until 1541 has an adjacent farming property with today's guest house been mentioned in a document.

For a short period of time - during the Napoleonic wars and after the peace of Bratislava in 1805 - a royal, Bavarian Staff Sergeant held the licensing law to the "obern tafern". Since then, this Staff Sergeant was historical eponym for today's property. During the struggle for freedom around 1809 Theresia Rainer, a sister of Josef Rainer from Söll (Schützenhauptmann and a bombatand of Andreas Hofer) was the sole owner of the Feldwebel. During the following decades there had again been numerous owner changes until the year 1889, when our grandfather, Anton Heugenhauser, acquired the respectable guest- and farming property at the "Feldwebel".

In 1949, the inherited manor had constantly been modernised by our father Andreas, without changing the foundation walls (stemming from the initial building) and the arch at the wine tavern. In 1994 the traditional house was passed on to daughter Ursula and was entirely renovated. Today, the hotel is led by the 5th family generation.

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